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BA Hons Fine Art. Sheffield City Polytechnic.

MA Narrative Illustration and Editorial Design. University of Brighton.

Senior Lecturer in Photography.  University of Brighton. 1995-2017

Selected One Man Exhibitions:

1982 Hove Museum of Art

1983 Sir John Cass School of Art, London
1983 Brighton Polytechnic
1984 Photogallery, Hastings
1984 Brighton Polytechnic
1987 Impressions Gallery of Photography, York
1988 C.E.V. Madrid, Spain
1990 Brighton Polytechnic. Beyond the Facade with Mark Power
1990 Agrupacion Fotografica de Guadalahara, Spain
1991 Real Sociadad Fotografica, Madrid, Spain
1992 Hove Museum of Art. With Mark Power
!993 Photographers Gallery, London
1993 University of Brighton
1995 Mala Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1998 Fotoseptiembre, Puebla, Mexico
2001 Ashford Library Gallery
2001 Ramsgate Library Gallery
2001 Rochester Art Gallery
2001-2 Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London
2002 Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York
2003 Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London
2004 Tatar Gallery Toronto
2004 Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, USA
2005 British Engineerium
2007 Festival Cinebrit, Abbeville, France
2012 ‘Riparian’ PSQT Drill Hall Gallery

2017 Still/Sway, National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port

2017 Still/Sway, National Waterways Museum, Gloucester

2017 Still/Sway, Phoenix, Brighton

2017 Winkworth Sherwood, London

2018 Still/Sway Drill Hall Gallery, Portland

Selected Group Exhibitions:
1985 Image and Exploration, Photographers Gallery, London
1987 Hawkes Bay Art Gallery, New Zealand
1987 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1993 Transitions, Photographers Gallery, London
1994 Real Sociadad Fotografica, Madrid
1994 Relative Values, Photographers Gallery, London
1994 A Positive View, Saatchi Gallery, London
1998 Barbican, London
1999 Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp
1999 Inspirit, Maidstone Museum of Art
2000 A Positive View 2. Truman Brewery, London
2001 Where Are We? Questions of Landscape.Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2001 Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York
2001 Range of Vision, Tatar Gallery, Toronto
2002 Urban Visions, Flowers East, London
2003 Pedras & Rochas, Lisbon. Portugal
2003 Pedras & Rochas, Evora, Portugal
2003 A Seaside Album, Brighton Museum
2003 Z15 ( 30×30 ) Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London
2005 Centre Culturel Calouste Gulbenkian, Paris
2005 Profile, Bremen, Germany
2006 Uneasy Spaces, Washington Square East Gallery, New York.
2006 Diaphane. Picardy, France
2006 Summer Exhibition, Crear, Scotland
2006 Arcadia. Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York
2006 Z 15, Florida
2007 Ingenuities-Photography and Engineering. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal
2007 Ingenuities-Photography and Engineering. Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels.
2007 Where Are We? Questions of Landscape. ( V&A show )Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
2008 Where Are We? Questions of Landscape. ( V&A show ) Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery
2008 Galerie Nationale de la Tapisserie. Beauvais. France
2008 Phoenix Gallery. Brighton
2009 Seeing Through Stone PSQT Portland UK
2009 Christie’s / HHA Exhibition. London and Blenheim Palace.
2010 A Positive View 3. Somerset House, London
2010 Beyond Place, Copeland Gallery, Portland, USA
2011 Exposure. James Hyman Gallery, London
2011 The Collective Exhibition.Bath Fringe Festival
2015 Gimme Shelter Exhibition, Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago.
2015 Landscape Stories-Night. hhtp://
2016 Uncommon Or Garden, Observer Building, Hastings

2018 Uncommon Or Garden / Offshoots, Drill Hall Gallery, Portland

Published Work:
Dumont Photo 2
Image and Exploration
European Photography 27
A Positive View
A Positive View 2
Portfolio 32
Re-Placing Arcadia. Monograph published by Consorcio Salamanca 2002
Pedras & Rochas
A Seaside Album
Landscape. Ferdinand Protzman
Dedans-Dehors, Le Portugal en Photographies
Engineerium. Monograph published by Tin Dam
Crossing the Atlantic
Celeste No.22
Inenuities-Photography and Engineering
A Positive View 3

Rakes Progress No.4

1980 Harmstone Bequest
1988 S.E. Arts
1991 Hove Museum Commission
1992 Brunswick Festival Commission
1993 Brighton Contemporary Photography Commission
1995 British Council Award
1997 S.E. Arts
1998-2001 Photoworks Commission
1999 AHRB
2000 University of Brighton Research Award
2000/1 Year of the Artist Award
2001 S.E. Arts
2001 AHRB
2001 University of Brighton Research Award
2002 University of Brighton Research Award
2004 University of Brighton Research Award
2004 Arts Council South East Major Award
2004-5 British Engineerium Artist in Residence
2004 Artist at Crear, Kintire, Scotland
2007 Diaphane Commission, France
2008 Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust Commission
2010 National Media Museum Photography Award
2011 Arts Council England Award
2011 University of Brighton Research Award
2016-2017 Arts Council England Award
2016-2017 Canal&River Trust Award

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Fried, Frank Collection, London
Private Collections, London, New York, Toronto
Portland Art Museum, USA
British Engineerium
Collection de la Caixa Geral de Depositos, Lisbon
James Hyman Collection

‘I am only interested in everything’ Les Murray, Australian Poet